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Region follows Scottish ‘Remain’ trend as UK quits EU

By DNG24 Newsdesk
Annan and Eskdale
Region follows Scottish 'Remain' trend as UK quits EU

DUMFRIES and Galloway followed the Scottish trend producing a majority ‘remain’ result as the UK nationally narrowly voted to quit the European Union.

Across Dumfries and Galloway politicians, businesses, trade unions and public sector organisations have been assessing the implications on the economy and other aspects of life as a result of the historic referendum decision.

At the local count in the Easterbrook Hall, Remain secured 5061 majority after polling 43,864 votes — while 38,803 people voted to Leave.

The turnout in Dumfries and Galloway was 71.4 per cent and the region followed the Scottish trend of opting in.

DIFFERING VIEWPOINTS . . . MP David Mundell with son MSP Oliver Mundell at the Dumfries and Galloway count

Dumfriesshire Clydesdale and Tweeddale MP and Secretary of State for Scotland, David Mundell who was supporting the ‘remain’ campaign was there along with his son MSP Oliver Mundell, who has been campaigning to leave.

Mr Mundell said of the result: “I think it is sending a very clear message that the people are unhappy with the way the EU is being run and although David Cameron did a good job in his negotiations, the EU appears to have lost touch.

“It is hard for the people to see benefits from the EU, not just in Britain but across Europe. I think it will mean a big shake-up if Britain votes to leave.”

His son Oliver, Dumfriesshire constituency MSP, added: “There was strong Leave vote across my rural Dumfriesshire constituency. I’m not surprised that the turnout has been down either.

“I’m delighted that we came so close here and I think that many of my supporters voted to leave and I came out for leaving because that is what my constituents’ wanted.”


LONG NIGHT . . . Jack Wilson, the local agent for the Vote Leave campaign, watches the count in Dumfries

The decision to leave the EU has put calls for a second Scottish independence referendum back on the political agenda.

South of Scotland SNP MSP Joan McAlpine said: “Scotland voted strongly to remain part of the EU and we now risk being pulled out against our will. That is an affront to democracy.

“It is particularly insulting to those who voted No in the independence referendum because they were told that was the only way to guarantee Scotland remained in the EU, and our people retained European Citizenship.

“I am proud of the way Scotland voted yesterday. We rejected the fearful, narrow nationalism that characterised the leave campaign. The SNP by contrast represents an outward looking, self-determination movement which is internationalist.”

Jack Wilson, the local agent for the Vote Leave campaign, said it had been an interesting few weeks.

He said: “There hasn’t really been a lot of campaigning in this region because of the short space of time. But I’m delighted with the strong ‘leave’ vote in Dumfries and Galloway. To get over 45 per cent is really good.”

VOTE REMAIN – 43,864 votes
VOTE LEAVE – 38,803 votes
Votes rejected – 48
82,715 votes were cast.
Total Electorate – 115,837
Turnout – 71.4 per cent


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