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Twins with a twist

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By Fiona Reid
Twins with a twist

TWO Moffat twins celebrated their 60th birthday recently but with a twist . . . their birthdays are FIVE days apart.

Last Sunday brothers Errol and Russell Fleming marked their 60th birthdays at Moffat House Hotel. But the date, June 5, was not either brothers’ official birthday as Errol was actually born on June 1 1956, a Friday, while Russell didn’t arrive until the following Wednesday, June 6.

Both were delivered at Moffat Cottage Hospital.

Reflecting on their unusual birth, younger twin Russell said: “Nowadays this situation would not be allowed to happen, but back then, in 1956, in a small cottage hospital, it was a case of “och he’ll show up when he’s ready”, so mum went home on the Saturday after Errol’s birth and came back in to have me on the Wednesday.”

And it’s not just the brothers’ birthdays that aren’t identical – the twins are fraternal -and have led very different lives since moving away from Moffat.

Older brother Errol moved to Edinburgh in the 1970s. He held down a few jobs before joining Edinburgh District Council highways planning department, where he enjoyed a long career before retiring several years ago. Meanwhile Russell, who goes by Rusty, now lives in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, with his wife Katherine and has a stepson, Rob.

He started working life as an apprentice electrician before moving to Edinburgh and working for haulage companies and eventually becoming a taxi driver.

Russell still makes a living behind the wheel in Canada, where he works for a transport company. By Amanda Kennedy [email protected]

And it seems twin life has had very little impact on the duo.

Russell said: “I never really thought of myself as a twin, being fraternal twins we are basically two different people.

“Birthdays were fun though as we both got our gifts on June 1, Errol’s birthday.

“I do remember that my mum used to send in our birthdays to Border Television to be announced on the day, and they always stumbled over the different dates.”


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