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Tuk tuks could take to the roads

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By Benjamin Johnstone
Tuk tuks could take to the roads

A NEW mode of transportation may be speeding its way around the region soon if given approval.

Auto rickshaw taxis, which are referred to as Tuk Tuks, could be seen on the roads across the area after Dumfries and Galloway Council applied to obtain a licence for the three wheeled vehicles.

These type of taxis are very common in countries that possess tropical climates, such as India and Thailand.

But if given the green light to rev forward with their proposal, Dumfries and Galloway would not just be the only region in Scotland to use these taxis but one of the few places in the whole of the UK to make this a reality. Only two UK cities have launched this project in the past, Brighton Marina and Cardiff, who were given the go ahead to begin operations in July this year.

However, safety concerns have been expressed by Dumfries and Galloway Police Division. Officers are worried that this sort of service will put passengers at risk. Gordon Bryce, who is the council’s transport manager, is also sceptical about this plan as he worries how the tuk tuks can drive on particular roads with possessing a speed limit of only 40 mph.

However, officials want to outline agreed routes at specific operating times.

The application will be initially discussed at a meeting of the council’s civic government licensing panel in Dumfries on Friday.


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