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Tree planting call

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By Euan Maxwell
Tree planting call
PROGRESS . . . Norma Fears has already planted hundreds of trees by the river

A MOFFAT-based environmental group is urging town residents who own land bordering the River Annan to plant more trees.

It comes as part of efforts by Restoring Annan Water (RAW) to protect the whole of the river’s catchment, from source to sea.

RAW member Norma Fears has already planted 450 new trees in her fields next to the river and has also fenced off areas to allow plants and shrubs to regenerate.

She said: “There are plenty of good reasons to plant a tree. A tree cleans the air, helps us fight climate change, is an aid in the prevention of soil erosion and the absorption of rain water runoff – and it attracts wildlife.

“Many of us have learnt to appreciate the healing power of nature in our lives during the last 18 months.”

Norma explained that the planting initiative will, in time, make the river “more resilient and sustainable”.

She added: “By providing shade and cover for the fish in our river, there will be a better habitat for the salmon, sea-trout and brown trout that are struggling to thrive.

“Without shade, the fish are exposed to the increasing temperatures we are experiencing. The water course needs the woody debris from the trees, which creates in stream cover, runs and riffles, and food for invertebrates. The fish feed on the invertebrates. This is the life cycle of the river eco system.

“To put it in Disney terms – it’s the circle of life!”

Restoring Annan Water will have a stall at Moffat’s Golden Eagle Festival this Saturday. For more information, visit