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Traffic measure here to stay

A NEW traffic calming measure in Annan with aims to improve road safety ended up being struck by at least one vehicle within hours of it opening last weekend

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By Zac Hannay
Annan and Eskdale
Traffic measure here to stay
DAMAGE . . . the bollards at a new traffic calming measure in Annan were broken and bent after being hit just hours after the traffic lights were removed

Despite this, Dumfries and Galloway Council have no plans to remove the gateway feature on the B722 north of Galabank Gardens which they erected to coincide with the new 20mph speed limit.

The measure comprises a raised kerb and two bollards which require those travelling into Annan to stop and give way to any oncoming vehicles, forcing them to reduce their speed.

However, the location and design of the obstacle has raised the eyebrows of some eagle-eyed drivers who saw it during the construction phase and wondered whether it could be an accident waiting to happen.

After the traffic lights had been removed the council say that signs were in place for those unbeknown to anticipate a change in the road layout ahead.

Although, at the time of one accident, the roadsign at the location stated 20 mph as the speed limit, while a large white painted 30 sign was still on the road – this has since been changed.

In the aftermath of the damage, traffic lights soon reappeared at the scene as the council made yet more changes.

Last week they said the gateway feature would mean ‘drivers need to be more aware, show consideration and reduce vehicle speeds accordingly’.

This week they say the measure is here to stay and work at the area is ongoing.

A council spokesperson said: “The temporary blanket 20mph speed limit in Annan came into effect on November 17 and aims to improve road safety while creating a safer road environment for both locals and visitors. Slower speeds reduce the chance of an accident.

“A physical build-out at the start of the 20mph speed limit that includes a cycle bypass, reflective bollards, entry/exit/ priority signs and a 20 roundel on red surfacing, is being constructed.

“The build-out is next to a street lighting column and there is a footway on both sides of the road.

“The council’s appointed contractor is currently completing the required works at this location, including removal of old road markings, using temporary traffic signals to manage the flow of traffic.

“Last week, new ‘New Road Layout Ahead’ signs were installed on the B722 on both approaches. Entering Annan southbound along the B722, there are 20mph speed limit countdown signs that were visible from Friday November 17.”

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