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Tradesman calls time on vandals

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By Euan Maxwell
Tradesman calls time on vandals

A MOFFAT joiner has reacted furiously after vandals keyed his van – which he says will cost £1000 to repair. 

Kev Alston is the latest in the town to fall victim to mindless thuggery and destruction of property, following a slew of similar incidents reported locally in recent weeks.

Upon leaving his house on Dundanion Road on Sunday morning, the self-employed 42-year-old was maddened to find his work van with a long scratch across the side.

“It’s happened sometime between 12 am and the early hours of Sunday morning,” Kev said earlier this week. “It looks to me like somebody’s run a key along it, so it’s been keyed from the back forward – it was very fresh when I saw it in the morning and it was about nine o’clock or ten when I saw it.”

He said it’s not the first time his vehicle has been intentionally scratched and added: “My last van, when I stayed at Fingland Court, the back of it was keyed.”

His initial thought after discovering the lacerated vehicle was that he might have upset someone in the community, however, he added: “In my line of work I can’t really go about upsetting people because I’m self-employed, and I don’t know of anybody I’ve fallen out with.”

Kev admitted occasionally “putting my point across” if annoyed by something on Facebook. “That’s maybe my fault, but I don’t think I deserve somebody keying my van,” he said.

And asked what he would say to the individual responsible, whom he claims has cost him £1000 by defacing the van, he replied: “Basically come and see me; if there’s a problem we can sort it out, let’s talk about it, that’s all. I want to find out. It’s really annoying me.”

Furthermore, Kev’s dad, Neil, expressed his “disgust” in an open letter to the perpetrator.

He said: “They caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage to my son’s business van which was parked on Dundanion Road, by scraping the entire length of the vehicle.

“Such a cowardly, gutless action by a sad individual, in my opinion, who obviously, if they have a problem with my son, don’t have the guts to speak face to face as any decent human being would.”

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