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Town’s pothole plague put on record

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By Euan Maxwell
Town’s pothole plague put on record

OVER 90 “horrific photos” of potholes in the streets of Moffat have been collated.

Community councillor Fiona Murray told last week’s meeting that a member of the public has been cataloguing the town’s growing pothole issues and has put together a spreadsheet which will be sent to Dumfries and Galloway Council.

She said: “The fact someone has went out and took 90 horrific photos in one ten-minute walk is awful.

“We get pictures of potholes and the state of the roads to build our case. If we can pull all that together it can strengthen the case rather than lots of individual complaints going into the council.”

Ms Murray also stated that she had received an email from another member of the public saying that the issue with the road conditions and potholes isn’t necessarily all the council’s fault.

She added: “The member of the public believes the utility companies have a got a role to play in it too. They are digging up the roads regularly and if they are patching up the road afterwards and it’s not done properly then that could contribute to the road issues.

“From their perspective, they were saying the issues at old Edinburgh Road, Beech Road and Academy Road are all down to water and gas companies digging up the road.”

The community council asked outgoing Annandale North Councillor Stephen Thompson if they could put a suggestion to the council about the issues and hold the companies to account.

They also agreed that they would invite a representative from the council’s road department to one of their future meetings.

Ms Murray said: “It had been suggested we invite someone from the roads department to one of our meetings and we think that would be a good idea. It would help if we could hear directly from them.

“It’s frustrating because all we can do is keep reporting potholes but the approach we’re trying to take by photographing them and collating them all into a spreadsheet can help.”


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