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Town sausage is best in Scotland

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By DnG Newsdesk

DUMFRIES is the new sausage capital of Scotland according to the Scottish Federation of Meat Traders Association.

Mogerleys butcher shop, in Dumfries, have been crowned Scottish Pork Sausage Champions of 2015.

This yearís championships were held in Perth on Sunday as part of the Scottish Meat Trade Fair.

Winner Gordon Little, of Mogerleys, said: ìWe were all quite ecstatic to find out we had won again, we won in 2003 as well so itís nice to know the quality is still being recognised.
ìItís also great to be able to represent Dumfries.î

The contest, which is held every second year, attracted almost 100 entries which were firstly judged by region, and then the regional champions faced another tasting panel of experts to establish the overall winner.

The result was victory for Mogerleys, who were also Scottish Beef Sausage champions in 2012.

Douglas Scott, chief executive of competition organisers the Scottish Federation of Meat Traders, said: ìThese competitions are treated very seriously by the craft butcher sector and awards are much coveted.
ìThe recognition usually confirms what the businessí customers already think, but the endorsement is an important reminder of the reasons to make itahabit to shop there and even go out of your way to find these award winning products.î

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