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Town Post Office closure fears

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By Abbey Morton
Dumfries and West
Town Post Office closure fears

WHITESANDS Post Office in Dumfries is at risk of closure, it emerged this week.

The head of corporate affairs at the Post Office has confirmed they will not be renewing their lease for the site.

The lease of the branch, and Spar shop, expires in October and so the branch has ‘resigned’ and will close on September 1.

Nationally, the Post Office is currently looking for an applicant to take over the Post Office services in the town centre but this seems unlikely to be successful after the closure of post offices in Georgetown and Closeburn.

South Scotland MSP Emma Harper has expressed her concern over the moves, pointing out it “provides essential services to people who live in the town centre and to the wider community who rely on post office services”.

Ms Harper said: “The latest news of the potential Whitesands Post Office closure is deeply concerning.

“When I become aware of this news, I immediately contacted Post Office national leadership for specific information and to find out what action is being taken to secure Post Office services for those living around, and those who rely on, the Whitesands Post Office.

“Having a Post Office in the community is vital for so many of my constituents, particularly those who are older or people who can’t travel easily.

“In addition to posting letters and parcels, having a Post Office branch is hugely important to those who rely on Post Office accounts for their pension and finances.

“It is vital that the Post Office work proactively to find another provider who would be willing to takeover Post Office services at the Whitesands, Closeburn and indeed Georgetown.”


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