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Town named weather hotspot in mild December

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By Fiona Reid
Town named weather hotspot in mild December

A SUMMERY feel to Christmas in Dumfries seemed likely at the start of the week - as temperatures hit 13C.

Dumfries was the warmest location in Scotland on Tuesday, beating Glasgow which enjoyed a similarly mild 11C.
The temperatures were more akin to those seen in summer months, but weather watchers have warned of cooler weather in the approach to Christmas Day tomorrow, as well as heavy rainfall.
Scotland has enjoyed one of the mildest Decembers on record, but Storm Eva has been making its way towards British shores.
A flood warning and two yellow weather warnings have been issued, with one for rain in central and south west Scotland which continues into Christmas Day and till midnight on Boxing Day.
Met Office spokesman Graham Madge said: “We have a yellow warning out, especially for Cumbria, but the yellow warning on our map does extend into Dumfries and Galloway.” He added: “There could be quite sizeable rainfall figures.”
Rainfall of 60mm to 80mm is expected on a widespread basis, but a chance of up to 150mm in high ground – described as ‘significant’ for already saturated ground.
Explaining the recent mild weather, he added: “What we have seen is air being pulled up from the sub-tropical Atlantic, especially in the area around the Azores, and that mild air being pulled up in a south westerly direction towards the UK means that’s what’s responsible for the mild weather over December.
“It’s a weather pattern that we’ve been in for some time.”
Looking forward, he said: “The pattern over the next days looks as though towards Christmas Day temperatures are going to come down a little bit.
“We’re talking about temperatures in Scotland of around 4C to 6C on Friday, and possibly 4C to 8C, but then into next week it does look as though temperatures may well raise again as we get more into that south westerly airflow again, and it looks as though those temperatures are going to be with us for some time.”

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