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Town is tricky for motorbike tests

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By Ben Murray
Dumfries and West
Town is tricky for motorbike tests

DUMFRIES is one of the hardest places to pass a motorbike test, recent studies from Comparethemarket have shown.

Searches of ‘how to get a motorbike license’ increased by 62 per cent this year, and experts studied the last five years of government test data to find which locations had the greatest and lowest pass rates.

It was soon discovered that Dumfries ranks as the fifth lowest region with a pass rate of 63.6 per cent.

This is only slightly higher than the other worst places, being Uxbridge (London), Hamilton, Glasgow (Shieldhall) and Kirkham LGV with only a 59.9 per cent pass rate.

On the other hand, the best cities for passing motorbike tests were found to be Kendal (Oxenholme Road), Workington, Stoke-On-Trent (Newcastle-Under-Lyme), Berwick-On-Tweed and Southampton (Maybush).

Meanwhile, it was also shown that the month the test was taken also has an effect on the pass rate.

Tests taken in November had the lowest pass rate of 71 per cent, but tests taken in April had the highest rate of 73.6 per cent.

Commenting on the research, Julie Daniels at Comparethemarket, said: “Common first-time rider mistakes can happen in the process of learning to ride a motorbike and can lead to expensive accidents or even damage to the bike you’re learning on.

“That’s why it’s extremely important to make sure you have the right kind of cover to suit your needs, as well as ensuring you’re avoiding hefty fines by completing your compulsory basic training (CBT) exam first.”

Park ‘neglect’ angers MSP

Park ‘neglect’ angers MSP

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