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By Fiona Reid

TOWN HISTORY . . . a new 200 hundred-page work detailing the origins of Creetown was published last week. Mick Macleod wrote the book tells the story of Creetown’s birth from the Ferrytown of Cree with its earliest industries, and it’s many changes right up to the present day, while simultaneously offering biographies and testimonials of a dozen extraordinary persons with connections to the parish. The book takes us across three centuries – from the birth of Creetown as a new place of opportunity to its peak as the most industrious village in Scotland, drawing itinerant workers from near and far, and continuing into an era of declining industries and a new purpose. Along the way we meet some extraordinary characters and local legends who shaped the village as we know it today.


13th Apr

Action demanded on lay-by litter problems

By Marc McLean, local democracy reporter | DNG24