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Tough stance on park plans

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By Fiona Reid
Lockerbie and Lochmaben
Tough stance on park plans

LOCKERBIE community councillors are holding firm after their McJerrow Park plans were questioned.

The community council has published their long awaited proposed development for the park which includes a multi-use area, a remembrance area, a pump track, community outdoor workout area, an inclusive wet play area and the reinstatement of a bandstand to its original location.

The ideas for the park were a combination of both the community council’s and the community’s.

However after a recent Lockerbie Trust meeting, community councillor Jan Andrews told members that some had concerns about the multi-gym area and the bandstand.

Ms Andrews said: “There was a lot of discussion about the multi-gym and it wouldn’t be valuable.

“They don’t think it would get used to the capacity for the amount of monies that would be spent on it.

“They were concerned about it and would bring it back to the community council for further discussion.

“Also they think the bandstand wouldn’t get used and used Dumfries as an example but I believe it is different here in Lockerbie.”

The chairwoman told members that councillors would have a meeting early next year and get back to the community council.

Ms Andrews added: “I asked for timescales as I thought we’d be cutting turf next year at some point.”

Community councillor Ian McLatchie shared his frustration about the concerns from some members of the Lockerbie Trust.

He said: “They’ve given us money to get on with the park but we’re not allowed to spend it on what we want with the park?

“The community asked for everything we have put in the plan, so I think we should stick to our guns.”

The community council members unanimously agreed that they still want a bandstand and a multi-gym area as that is what “the community wanted”.


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