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Tot’s grief after hit and run

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By Fiona Reid
Tot’s grief after hit and run

AN ‘adored’ pet dog was left for dead in a hit and run near Lockerbie this week.

ADORED . . . black cocker spaniel Pixie with Sparki 

Scott Currie was driving home from work at around 7 am on Wednesday when he discovered Pixie, his black cocker spaniel and the cherished pet of his toddler son Ewan, lying lifeless in the road near their home in Dryfebridge.

His fiancé Sheryl Stephen said: “Scott was driving home from work when the lorry in front slowed down, he then noticed Sparki, our other cocker spaniel, standing at the side of the road.

“He then saw Pixie lying in the road, the lorry in front swerved to avoid her.

He called Sparki but Pixie lay lifeless.” Little Pixie died of her injuries at the scene and mum Sheryl says her young son is struggling to understand where his best friend has gone.

She added: “We are all absolutely devastated. She was our two-year-old Ewan’s dog, he just adored her. “We hope the person comes forward as this has destroyed our family, especially our little boy.

“We just don’t understand how someone can drive off without stopping to see if she was OK, we are convinced it was a car or a van as to where she was lying and the injuries she sustained.

“Whoever has done this knows what they’ve done and now they have to live it.”

Police at Lockerbie are investigating the incident and plan to carry out enquires to identify the driver.

Constable Nicola Brunton based at Lockerbie said: “Drivers are required to report such incidents to the Police and I would ask anyone with information in relation to this incident contact Police at Lockerbie on the 101 number.”



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