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Top trio work hard to clean up their town

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By Ben Murray
Annan and Eskdale
Top trio work hard to clean up their town
GREEN THUMBS . . . (from left to right) Oscar Johnston, Logan Conway and Emma Johnston, all equipped with litter picks and full bags

A GROUP of Gretna children have been praised after they volunteered to pick litter in the town.

Chantelle Johnston posted a photograph last Saturday of her children Oscar and Emma, and their friend Logan Conway.

The trio were equipped with litter pickers and each held an entire bag full of rubbish each.

The idea to clean all of the litter was actually suggested by the children and Chantelle said: “It all started with Emma and Oscar really. My husband and I have taught them the importance of looking after our space, keeping it clean and tidy, and this includes taking rubbish home or putting it in a bin.

“When we were on the school run they would see litter lying around and would complain about it.

“One day Oscar decided he wanted to take a bag with us on the way and collect any litter we saw.

“I posted that picture to the Love Gretna Facebook page and a lovely lady said she had a litter picker and hi-vis vest that Oscar could have.

“Since then Emma and Logan have gotten involved too with Logan’s mum, Sarah, buying each of them a litter picker of their own.

“Unfortunately there are no bins in the estate yet and with the high winds and people just dropping their rubbish, we noticed that there was quite a bit of litter building up around our estate again and so on Saturday morning the children asked if we could all go litter picking.

“We couldn’t believe how much we collected just from our own estate.”

The youngsters have been widely praised on social media and thanked for their actions.

Chantelle added: “I would like to thank everyone for their kind words for the kids. We are so proud of them for wanting to take care of the community. They definitely deserve the recognition.”


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