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Tom v Joe: the challenge

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By Newsdesk
Annan and Eskdale
Tom v Joe: the challenge

THE gauntlet has been thrown down in the DNG Media office as two reporters go head-to-head in a fitness challenge. Over the next 12 weeks Joseph Gartly and Tom Hanley will be battling to lose as much weight as possible with the help of Queen of the South and Annan Athletic. Here they explain what they'll be getting up to...and why.

Tom Hanley (pictured right)
I THOUGHT it was a Christmas miracle.
My belly bulged, and I thought a new baby Jesus was on the way.
Sadly, the only thing making my clothes apparently shrink was the sheer amount of turkey and Toblerone I’d eaten.
Now it’s 2017, and I’m joining the self-righteous who bleat that it’s a ‘new year, new me’.
I’m feeling thinspired and I’ve signed up for the Queen of the South Football Fans In Training programme.
Taking on fellow reporter Joseph Gartly, who is tackling Annan Athletic’s programme, I’m gunning for gold in this battle of the biggest losers and I’m not settling for silver.
Under the guidance of assistant manager Jim Thompson and youth coach Eddie Warwick, I’m sure I’ll be bringing home the win for myself, Queens, and the town of Dumfries.
Joseph Gartly (left)
AS Christmas rolled around, I always found room to justify that extra slither of food, that undoubtedly added around three stone in minutes.
So when the idea of the Football Fans in Training Programme was pitched, I figured it was probably for the best that I got involved.
In all fairness, I had never considered any form of fitness course before this, but when my colleague Tom started to bring in an aspect of competition and teasing into the mix, I could not say no.
Coming into the programme, I am carrying considerably more “Christmas” weight than he is . . . although we’re probably in denial about how heavy we both actually were before Christmas.
All this means though is that I have more weight to lose.
I have always enjoyed sport and moving about, but my weakness has always been my diet and snacking – and over the years that all adds up.
The main thing I hope to gain from this course is to sort that diet out, slim down and, best of all, take a chunk out of my colleague’s, frankly inflated, ego.

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