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Toffee tipple goes down a treat with drinkers

By Fiona Reid
Toffee tipple goes down a treat with drinkers

A MOFFAT Toffee Gin and Vodka has been flying off the shelves since its creation earlier this year.

The alcoholic blends were the brainchild of Sean Walker, manager at the popular tourist spot Moffat Toffee Shop on the town’s high street.

He said: “The idea is something we have thought about for years. “It goes back to one night when I was drinking toffee vodka in a local pub and suddenly thought this would be a lot better if it was Moffat Toffee Vodka.”

Sean approached local distillers Solway Spirits, based at Cummertrees, to create the tasty drinks.

He said: “We have sold some of the Solway Spirits range in the past which is how I know the distiller and approached him about making the Moffat Toffee Gin and Vodka.

“It took a few attempts to get the the flavour just right, but we had it on the shelf within a month of approaching Solway Spirits.”

And Sean says the drinks range has been a knock out success, adding: “We never could have predicted how popular the spirits would be.

“I think we are on our fifth batch just now and up until now every batch of the Moffat Toffee Gin has been sold out within two days of hitting the shelf.

“The gin and vodka are exclusive to us, but we have been selling it so some local restaurants and pubs to sell and this has proven to be very popular with them too.”

Local hotels such as The Star Hotel, Stag Hotel and the Buccleuch are among those which are selling special blends and orders have been shipped as far away as Spain.

But in the battle of spirits, Sean says the gin is coming out on top: “The gin has proven to be the more popular drink, but with the current trend in flavoured gins on the market we kind of predicted it would be the more popular drink.”


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