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Toddler rescued from floods

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By Fiona Reid
Toddler rescued from floods

A MUM and her small child were rescued from their car after it became trapped in flood water on Tuesday afternoon.

And a man, aged 73, was also helped from his vehicle after it too became submerged at about 3.40 pm at the Waterside, New Galloway.

Two police officers who performed the rescues, with help from two members of the public, have today been praised for their bravery

Other emergency services attended and assisted in the recovery of the vehicles and rendered medical assistance to those saved.

Chief Inspector Bryan Lee said: “I cannot praise the two officers and the members of the public involved in these rescues enough. Their actions, which were nothing short of heroic, saved the lives of three people. Without their bravery this incident could have had a very different outcome.

“I have already personally thanked the officers involved but want to also publically thank the selfless actions of those men who stopped to help.

“Thankfully incidents like this are rare, however, it is extremely encouraging to know that members of our community came together, and were prepared to put themselves at risk to save those in need.”

NHS responds to resuscitation concerns

CONCERNS over resuscitation permission have been addressed by health officials.


31st Jul

Team Mouat is Euro-bound

By Fiona Reid | DNG24

Team Mouat is Euro-bound

DUMFRIES-born curlers are set to represent their country at the Le Gruyère AOP European Curling Championships in November.

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Easterbrook Hall to remain closed until 2021

Easterbrook Hall to remain closed until 2021

POPULAR events venue Easterbrook Hall will not reopen this year because of Covid-19, it has been announced.