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Time to give a little

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By Fiona Reid
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Time to give a little

RESIDENTS in the region are being encouraged to be kinder this 'Givember'.

A new movement to encourage acts of kindness has launched in the region and culminates this week in a bid to directly oppose the Black Friday movement.
It is all about giving in alternative, non-financial ways that everyone can get involved with.
Mark Jardine, from The People’s Project in Dumfries, explained: “From the small act of opening a door, or telling someone they are appreciated, to giving back time by participating in a beach clean or knitting a blanket for the homeless.
“To directly oppose the approaching commercialism of Black Friday and Christmas, The People’s Project and Team Bestel created Givember in the hopes that by looking after each other and the world around us, Dumfries and Galloway can cloud November in a sparkling ray of happiness.”
He added: “Givember is for everyone, and everyone has the opportunity to do something for the greater good.
“In this world it can sometimes be frustrating for people who feel they don’t have the money to make a difference. It’s not about how much money you can give or how clever you are, it’s simply about doing the little things for our fellow human beings.”
The event culminates on November 27 with ‘Give Back Friday’, a day to celebrate all the kindness and giving created and spread throughout Givember, to directly challenge the commercialism of Black Friday.
Movement co-founder Zoë Bestel said: “We’re encouraging everyone to do something to give back on that particular day.
“It could be checking in on a neighbour or holding a door open for someone. Sometimes the simplest things make a big difference.
“And we’d love to hear from you if you’ve made up your own give back mission. All ideas and contributions to this mass kindness campaign are encouraged as we know they’re making the world a happier place.”
People can get involved by visiting the Givember website:


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