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The waiting game

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By Fiona Reid

SOON there'll be a new prince or princess on the block.

Royal watchers the world over are waiting for the patter of tiny Windsor feet as the Duchess of Cambridge goes over her due date.
I can totally sympathise with Kate’s plight for this time last year I was about to go overdue (by ten days) with my third child.
We tried every trick in the book and every old wives’ tale to move things along, but to no avail, and as time went on I just wanted to hibernate until it happened.
And while all the daily enquiries from excited friends and family were lovely, it also got a bit wearing as the days dragged by.
So it must be excruciating knowing your every move is being watched, and second guessed, by the global media.
Of course, once baby is here all the waiting (and the pain) is forgotten.
However, I do wonder if it’s time for a change in the way due dates are given. Maybe midwives and doctors would be better saying you’re due in a certain week, rather than on a particular day.
After all, only seven per cent of babies actually arrive on their predicted date, so that’s a lot of disappointed mummies, daddies and grandparents.
Baby is boss and the old saying that they’ll come when their ready is so true – royal or otherwise!

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