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The sky’s the limit for fundraising friends

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By Christie Breen
The sky’s the limit for fundraising friends

THREE friends from Moffat are taking the leap to raise money for two different charities.

Jojo Watson, Jane Law and Hazel Mckinnie will be taking part in a charity skydive on June 17 at St Andrew’s, each raising money for their chosen charities.

Jojo, 37, is raising money for Moffat Town Hall Redevelopment Trust’s new wellbeing club, which works with people who need additional physical, mental and emotional support. The club has a special place in Jojo’s heart as her grandpa regularly attended the group when it was first set up. She said: “I have always wanted to do a skydive and was chatting to Julie Armstrong about it and decided to do it for our local wellbeing club.

“To be honest, anything we raise is great, the people of Moffat and surrounding area have been very supportive with all charity fundraising and for such a small community we do wonderful job. If anyone would like to donate I have sheets around the town at Balmoral Hotel, the butchers, paper shop, Mcgarry’s, Ali B’s, Coachman, PI and Moffat Toffee Shop and they also can donate via my PayPal at: [email protected].”

Friends Jane and Hazel are both raising money for the Brain Tumour Charity in memory of Jane’s son Keir, as Jane explained: “Keir was 19 when he was diagnosed with an incurable and terminal brain tumour. He was given just months to live but two brain operations, multiple radiotherapy and chemotherapy sessions allowed him over seven extra years. Ironically we consider ourselves lucky that we had as much time with as we had. He lived far longer than expected, giving him and us, his family, the chance to fully appreciate every day we had together.”

So far the pair’s JustGiving page has raised over £7000, and with ten days to go until the big jump the two women are excited and thankful for each other’s support.

Jane added: “Hazel had been a friend of Keir and I for many years but as Keir came back to Moffat so we could look after him, Keir and Hazel agreed together that she would help us as a family using her previous palliative care skills. This allowed me to care for Keir at home. Horrific times and yet I tell her we now have an unshakeable bond and she can’t get rid of me even if she wants to.

“She’s been through awful times of her own but I am so happy that she is also jumping for the brain tumour charity.”

To donate to Jane and Hazel’s fundraiser visit:

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