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The F-word

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By Fiona Reid
The F-word

HOW many F-words can you fit into a review of the West End musical Footloose?

Well, quite frankly, there’s not enough – for it’s fun, feisty, frivolous, funny and fabulous.
Currently on a week long run at the Sands Centre in Carlisle, it fizzes with energy.
The first class cast, which includes Pop Idol finalist Gareth Gates and singer Maureen Nolan, not only sing, dance and act their hearts out; they impressively also play all the musical instruments themselves.
The initial 15 minutes lack the lustre of the rest of the show, but once it hits top gear the audience are full speed ahead for a great night.
Highlights are the ultimate 80s tracks of Hero, Let’s Hear It for the Boy and, of course, the theme song of Footloose which gets everyone on their feet dancing along in a frenzied finale.
And then there’s the moment Gareth Gates gets (half) naked, cue lots of fevered brows among the female audience members.
It more than does justice to the iconic movie of the same name and leading man Luke Baker (Ren) and leading lady Hannah Price (Ariel) are a perfect fit in the roles originally played by Kevin Bacon and Lori Singer.
In fact, the whole cast just feels right and are clearly having a ball.
Following Monday’s high octane show, I went home wanting to ‘cut loose and kick off my Sunday shoes’ and I can admit to some dancing around the kitchen before bedtime.
There’s only one thing left to say . . . fantastic!

* It’s great to see quality productions, like Footloose, in close to home venues like the Sands. And the West End vibe continues in Carlisle this year with not one, but two more big names shows: Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Tell Me On A Sunday’ starring Jodie Prenger hits town on Sunday May 8.
And every girl’s favourite, Dirty Dancing, runs October 24-29.

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By Fiona Reid | DNG24