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‘Thank you just doesn’t seem enough’

Mum, 34, gobsmacked by community kindness after cancer diagnosis

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By Euan Maxwell
Annan and Eskdale
'Thank you just doesn't seem enough'

AN ANNAN mum diagnosed with terminal cancer has thanked the community after a fundraiser has raised nearly £7,000.

Lianne Woodhouse’s life was turned upside down after she was told that the cancer is untreatable.

When the 34-year-old shared her sad news with friends, a fundraiser was set up and after only a few days an amazing £6,665 has been raised.

Upon hearing the about the fundraiser, Lianne, who has two young girls, has expressed her appreciation to friend John Patterson and the community.

The money raised will goes towards Lianne marrying her partner Craig, a holiday with her family and to pay fuel costs for her hospital appointments in Dumfries and Edinburgh.

An emotional Lianne told the Annandale Observer: “I’d like to say thank you so much. Everyone’s kindness and generosity has had me gobsmacked, lost for words which does not happen to me often.

“Because of John and the community we are going to be able to enjoy our special day that we dreamed of having and make some very special memories for the four of us.

“We will never be able to put into words or explain what this means to all of us. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough.”

Lianne was told in February last year that she had skin cancer and underwent three surgeries. Lianne was then given the all clear two months ago.

However, the cancer has returned and Lianne was told it had spread and is incurable.

Brave Lianne told the Annandale Observer: “After five years of being unwell I was told in February 2021 that I had cancer.

“I underwent surgery very quickly and then had combined treatment of chemo/radiotherapy up in Edinburgh.

“After this failed I then underwent a further two major surgeries (over 10 hours each) which left me with two permanent stoma bags.

“When I was then given the all clear in August of this year I still didn’t feel good so had some further investigations.

“I was then told that the cancer had returned and it was incurable and I was offered chemotherapy to hopefully reduce the tumours and help with the pain I’m in every day.”

After receiving the heartbreaking news, schoolfriend John set up a fundraiser to try and bring some happiness to Lianne, her partner Craig and their two daughters, both called Georgie.

FAMILY . . . Lianne with her partner and two young daughters

After only a few days nearly £7,000 has been raised with donations coming from people within the local community who know Lianne, who works at the town’s Tesco, and others who are complete strangers.

Lianne said: “I was in complete shock on Monday morning when John phoned me to tell me that he had put a post on Facebook on Sunday that he had blocked me and my partner Craig from seeing.

“He wanted to send us away for a night after all the horrible news we had been given.”

Lianne and Craig were due to get married in the next few years and thanks to the kindess of the community it will be moved to hopefully next summer.

Lianne added: “There has also been so many people and businesses who wanted to offer us services for the wedding including dresses, photography, cakes, make up, hall hire and so many others.

“People also wanted us to be able to spend as much time together as a family and have some days out and time away between my treatments.

“To be able to treat the kids to some fun times and help make some happy family memories is something we will be forever grateful for.

“They have had their worlds turned upside down and have been the bravest little girls through all of this.

“Because of John and the community we are going to be able to enjoy our special day that we dreamed of having in a couple of years time, make some very special memories for the four of us and also not have to worry about fuel costs for going up and down to not just Dumfries hospital weekly but to Edinburgh hospital as well.

“We will never be able to put into words or explain what this means to all of us. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough.

“My chemo is going to be every week for the next six months so having things to look forward to is definitely going to be something to keep me pushing on through that.

“We are hoping to book the wedding for summertime. I am due to finish my treatment at the end of April so leaving time incase of any delays in treatment due to infection and give me some time to recover and build some energy back up.

“We are looking to book some days out and hopefully a little holiday we are looking to book once I start my treatment and see how it impacts me sickness/tiredness wise first.”


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