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Teacher plans ‘hair raising’ assembly

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By Fiona Reid
Teacher plans ‘hair raising’ assembly

A TEACHER will brave the stage and the shave for charity when she gets her locks chopped in front of her Lockerbie pupils next month.

Lockerbie Primary deputy head teacher Emma Watson, right, is cutting off nine inches of her long brown hair for the Little Princess Trust, a charity who provide wigs for children with cancer and other hair loss diseases.

And she’ll be doing it on stage at an assembly in front of her pupils on June 9.

She said: “I have known about the charity for a while now and having done sponsored runs and swims in the past but wanted to do my bit for charity and try something different.

“I also wanted to do it in front of the children to raise awareness about the charity, cancer and how it can affect you – not just feeling/being ill but the side effects such as losing hair.”

She added: “I am in charge of Lockerbie Learning Centre, working with primary and secondary pupils with severe and complex disabilities.

“We, as a school, do lots to highlight some of the struggles children face with illness and disabilities but also how we can work together to make their lives that little bit easier and brighter.

“I have recently taken an assembly to talk to the pupils to tell them what I will be doing but also to show them that you don’t have to do a massive thing to help others out …my hair will grow again!

“I hope that it will inspire others to think about how they can help someone in need.”

The assembly takes place at Lockerbie Primary on Friday June 9 and to sponsor Emma visit: and enter her name


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