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Stories tagged with 'weather':

Student evacuated from path of hurricane

A STUDENT from Lockerbie was this week evacuated from his American university digs due to Hurricane Dorian.

Drivers beware

BE careful this weekend when driving in the rain.
That’s the message from Police Scotland following forecasts for unseasonable weather coming in.

Here comes the rain

GRAB your brollies and put away your bikinis as yellow weather warnings are in place for Dumfries all weekend.

Solway flood warning

A FLOOD warning has been issued for the Upper Solway Firth later today (Fri) in the wake of Storm Erik.

Ice warning

A YELLOW weather warning is in place for the region until late Wednesday morning.

Snow and ice warning

WARNINGS of snow and severe ice have been given for Dumfries and Galloway this weekend.

There she blows!

STORM Diana blew into the region this week with a vengeance and now Dumfries looks set to flood.

Flood warnings issued

STORM Diana has arrived in the region today, with the West getting the worst of the weather.

Underwater car causes chaos

EMERGENCY services were called to the scene of an underwater car today in Annan.

Coastal flood warning issued for Dumfries and Galloway

A FLOOD alert has been issued for coastal areas of Dumfries and Galloway due to high tides and a forecast of wind and rain.

Storm aftermath

TWO schools in the region are closed today after their electricity supply was knocked out by Storm Ali.

Storm danger warning

STORM Ali poses a danger to life, police have warned today, and called on the public to avoid travelling due to the weather chaos across the region.

Storm Ali arrives

ROADS are blocked across the region and electricity is off in some places after Storm Ali hit, bringing down trees and causing motoring chaos.

Storm Helene to hit DG

DUMFRIES and Galloway is bracing itself for strong winds heading our way later today.

UPDATE: Region braced for Storm Frank

STORM Frank is expected to batter the region from midnight, and agencies are on high alert to deal with the extreme weather.

Storm alert after brief respite

THERE was a warning of further wet weather and gales as Dumfries and Galloway enjoyed a brief respite from adverse conditions with a brighter cooler Sunday.

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