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Consultation on at risk flood areas

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By Zachary Hannay
Consultation on at risk flood areas

THE Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) are consulting on a review of potentially vulnerable areas (PVAs) to protect communities from future impacts of flooding.

And members of the public in this region can have their say as part of a consultation running until June 24.

The number of homes, businesses and services at risk across Scotland is projected to increase by around 40 per cent by the 2080s due to climate change.

PVAs are areas where significant flood risk exists now or is likely to occur in the future.

They are used to identify locations where a partnership approach may be required to resolve widespread and often complex flooding issues.

Identifying PVAs is an essential part of protecting people, properties, businesses, communities, infrastructure, and the environment.

This winter, SEPA issued a record number – 720 – regional flood alerts and local flood warnings.

Siobhan McNulty, flood risk planning manager at SEPA, said: “Scotland is witnessing an increasing number of extreme weather events and flooding presents a growing threat to our communities.

“It is vital we work together with partners and communities to identify the areas most at risk so we can work together to increase Scotland’s resilience to flooding.”

Since PVAs were first identified in 2011, SEPA have worked with local authorities and Scottish Water to plan and deliver actions to manage flood risk in the places where it is needed most.

Based on the national flood risk assessment, PVAs are updated and published by SEPA every six years.

SEPA are now consulting on proposed updates to PVAs for 2024.

The designation of PVAs is a science and evidence-led process, but feedback from public partners and communities is key to making sure all relevant impacts are taken into consideration.

Siobhan added: “Whether you have previously been affected by flooding or have concerns about potential future impacts for your home, business or community, we want to hear from you.”

You can respond to the consultation on PVAs at


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