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Tackling the menopause taboo

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By Fiona Reid
Tackling the menopause taboo

A THERAPIST from Dumfries is reaching out to help women suffering with menopause and peri-menopause symptoms.

Clinical hypnotherapist Coral Bugden, of Room 101 Therapy, has just completed a successful trial into menopause relief.

She said: “Most women experience some sort of challenging symptoms in the lead up to and as they transition through the menopause. Symptoms can be both physical and emotional.

“There is so little education around this time in our lives, what is going on, why it’s happening, what might be and of course what we can do about it.

“Many are unaware that symptoms can span across a wide range including hot flushes and night sweats, to weight gain and anxiety. These can be debilitating and can cause huge disruption in their lives. But it doesn’t always have to be this way.”

She cites a clinical research study carried out by American neuroscience Professor Gary Elkins, in which women received weekly hypnosis sessions, saying: “The results of the study were so successful, I decided to recreate the trial in a similar way but virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“I also wanted to educate women on what really happens to their bodies and focus as well on the effects different lifestyles changes have on the symptoms.”

Explaining more, Coral, pictured, who is also a neuro linguistic programming (NLP) master practitioner, added: “Our brain is effectively our onboard computer. It controls our autonomic system which operates our breathing, our heart rate, our digestion, our temperature. The work I do is a blend of language, breathing, coaching and hypnosis to access that operating system and instil new behaviours at both a conscious and unconscious level, giving women strategies to change how they experience the menopause.

“I take women on a journey from a place of exhaustion, anger, anxiety, unbearable flushes and interrupted sleep to calmness and control. They learn how to turn down the heat and quantity of their flushes, how to get that restful night’s sleep and to get balance and perspective back in their lives.”

Taking part in her trial were Lesley, who runs a children’s nursery, and Joanna, a nurse.

They had four hypnotherapy sessions over four weeks and although Coral expected good results, she said: “I was not expecting the trial to be as successful as it was.”

Sharing her story, Lesley, who saw ‘dramatic improvements’, said: “I set off with hot flushes, night sweats, anxiety, mood swings, general health and wellbeing. I was not convinced this was the right route but believed there had to be a solution that didn’t involve medication.

“I am now in control of my hot flushes and night sweats to the point where I welcome them and deal with them as easily as blinking my eyes. My anxiety levels go up and down but again, through positive thought and counting, these can be swept away.

“I am in general a better person to be around and like myself again.”

Joanna also reported big improvements, adding: “The programme has definitely had a positive impact on my hot flushes night sweats and general well-being.

“I have stopped using alternative medicine as these are no longer required, I have not contacted the GP to get HRT as my symptoms have been drastically reduced.

“Before I was sleeping with a fan blowing on me for most of the night as the flushes woke me from my sleep. I now rarely have to put the fan on, my flushes and night sweats have gone from several to at most once a night and most often do not disturb my sleep.”


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