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Syracuse twin bid

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By Fiona Reid
Syracuse twin bid

A TOWN and a city united by a terrible disaster could become twinned.

Hopes were high after a town meeting earlier this year that Lockerbie can become twinned with Syracuse in the state of New York.
Both locations are currently deeply connected after the lives of 35 students from Syracuse University were lost in the 1988 Lockerbie Air Disaster.
At present an annual scholarship for two Lockerbie locals to attend Syracuse University for one year is in place but it is hoped that the bond between the two areas can be strengthened further.
Locals, including community councillors and MSP Oliver Mundell, reached out to the city of Syracuse’s Mayor Stephanie Miner recently.
Speaking of the town’s ‘interminable’ bond, the Mayor expressed her hopes that both the City of Syracuse and Lockerbie can use their ‘painful past’ to build a brighter future.
She went on to explain that Syracuse already has three ‘Sister Cities’ in Taiwan, Finland and Yemen but believes that Lockerbie and Syracuse can pursue their own ‘special relationship’ without going through the Sister Cities International programme.
Moving forward the Mayor hopes to work towards a ‘deeper bond’ which will allow residents to experience more about each other’s communities.
Excited at the prospect of the two towns twinning, former Syracuse Scholar 2012/13 Claire Dorrance said: “As someone who feels like they have a home in both Lockerbie and Syracuse, pairing the two places together seems like a wonderful idea as it further cements a friendship that has brought many Scots and Americans together.
“In many ways I feel Syracuse and Lockerbie are already inseparable because of the strong friendships that have been developed but it would be lovely to create an official bond.”
Meanwhile Lockerbie Community Council’s Ian McLatchie, who chaired the town meeting where the idea originated said: “I am very excited about the future for Lockerbie.”

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