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Supporters visit capital as Aidan takes stage

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By Fiona Reid
Supporters visit capital as Aidan takes stage

A BUS load of well wishers journeyed to Edinburgh to see a Lockerbie man take centre stage.

Friends and family of budding actor Aidan Agnew, 20, flocked to the country’s capital to see him perform in A Christmas Wish.

The production involved over 250 young people from The MGA Academy of Performing Arts in Edinburgh, where Aidan is a final year student.

And to surprise the student, his family organised for a bus load of supporters to see Aidan perform at The Usher Hall.

Delighted, Aidan said: “This year we had the most amount of audience members ever at an MGA show. “Walking out on the stage seeing all the faces was truly breathtaking. This year I was a featured soloist which was amazing. As I am in my final year of training it was great to showcase what I have been learning over the past three years.

“I was so overwhelmed to find out that so many people from home where coming up to see the show. “I am so lucky to have the support I have from my family and friends.”

Speaking of his hopes for the future and his West End ambitions, he added: “After graduating in June I will be auditioning down in London but I would love to be a vocalist on a cruise ship as my first job out of training as I would love to be able to travel the world but also get to do what I love.

“However the end goal is West End musicals.”


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