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Super swimmers

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Super swimmers

TEN swimmers from across the region made a splash at a national swimming competition at the weekend – scooping 11 medals.

Over 250 swimmers from all corners of the UK descended on Swansea for the British Swimming Championships for people with a learning disability.
And the Dumfries and Galloway team were delighted to scoop two gold, seven silver and two bronze medals, as well as having the chance to meet and swim against Paralympic S14 athletes Jessica Jane Applegate and Jack Thomas.
Head swimming coach Andrea Manson said: “I would like to congratulate all the swimmers on their exceptional performances and would like to thank the coaches for all their hard work and support with the swimmers and all the parents and carers who helped assist with the event.”
Lennon Hughes was delighted to scoop gold in the 25m backstroke, while Emma Birley took gold in the 50m freestyle.
Silver medals were also awarded to Emma Crossley in the 25m freestyle, Hayden Keir in the 50m breaststroke and 100m freestyle, Harriet Davis in the 25m backstroke, Jessica Lamont in the 50m backstroke and 25m breaststroke and Connor Cruickshank in the 25m breaststroke.
And Harriet Davis also scooped bronze in the 25m freestyle, while Mandy Harkness took bronze in the 25m backstroke.
Meanwhile, Kevin Ellwood and Tammara McIlwean also swam exceptionally well but narrowly missed out on medals.


13th Jun

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Park ‘neglect’ angers MSP

Park ‘neglect’ angers MSP

A LACK of maintenance at Dock Park has infuriated MSP Colin Smyth, who has accused Dumfries and Galloway Council of “utter neglect” of the popular play area.