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Super slogan shirts created by Dumfries businesswoman

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By Fiona Reid
Dumfries and West
Super slogan shirts created by Dumfries businesswoman

A COLOURFUL hairdresser is expanding her business by creating a range of slang teeshirts.

Dumfries native Nicola McMinn owns hairdressers ‘Curl Up and Dye’ on Friars Vennel and now she’s launched ‘Curl Up and Buy,’ a clothing brand.

So far her brand boasts tee-shirts with three different slang captions ‘Shattered’, ‘U Ok Hun?’ and ‘Sup- port your local girl gang’.

Discussing the range, she said: “I have always wanted to expand my brand and have always wanted to do clothing and accessories.

“I want to keep adding branches to my tree.

“’Support your local girl gang’ is a phrase I heard a while back that I fell in love with, to me it means we as women should support each other more – no matter what field we are in. From business owner to mother, we need to uplift each other.

“While ‘My U Ok Hun?’ tee was taken from my own connections to mental health/awareness. You never know what battle some of us are dealing with and it takes two minutes to reach out to someone.”

Nicola hopes the range will take off and she can expand by adding more styles and catch phrases in the future.

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