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Super seven vie for Syracuse chance

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By Fiona Reid
Super seven vie for Syracuse chance

SEVEN Lockerbie pupils are vying for the chance to be one of the two 2016/17 Syracuse Scholars.

The deadline for applications closed this month with six local girls and just one boy applying.

This year Annandale North Councillor Stephen Thompson has been chosen to chair the Lockerbie Syracuse Trust and he wants to keep locals as informed as possible about the process and outcome.

The Trust is made up of Annandale North’s four ward councillors, including chair Mr Thompson, and one representative from the newly reformed Lockerbie Community Council.

All hopefuls will take part in face-to-face interviews with the Trust at the end of January and then a separate videolink interview with the London-based Syracuse staff will follow.

Mr Thompson advised that hopefuls should expect to be achieving at least the minimum level of qualifications that would allow them access to universities in the UK.

He said: “However, the Trustees are looking for scholars that have the qualities to be able to play an important role in ‘Remembrance Week’ at Syracuse, the week when the university focuses on the disaster and the impact it has had.

“Scholars should be ready to get fully involved in Syracuse life and be an ambassador for Lockerbie, as well as studying courses of interest and preparing for university or a job when they return home.

“It is important for both communities to remember those who were lost, but also to look forward and build new and lasting relationships between Lockerbie and the university.”

He added: “The Trust really is open to all students to show their merits and the Scholarship award is there to ensure any successful candidate is fully supported to take the opportunity.”

The Trust will meet in February next year to consider the feedback from all the candidate interviews, application forms and references and makes their decision.

Once the decision has been made the two successful candidates


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