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Stuart backs black pudding ‘superfood’

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By Lewis Irons
Dumfries and West
Stuart backs black pudding 'superfood'

MORE commonly associated with a greasy fry-up rather than a nutritious breakfast, black pudding is now being hailed as a 'superfood' due to its dietry benefits.

High in substances such as protein, calcium and iron, and surprisingly low in carbs, the infamous blood sausage is predicted to be a hugely popular substance in 2016 diets.

Extolling its virtues, Dumfries butcher Stuart Houston said: “Black pudding is one of these products that can be made cheaply, or properly with the right method and ingredients. The blood in black pudding offers a high level of iron and haemoglobin which is very good for you.”
Stornoway black pudding – famous around the globe and widely regarded as one of the best blood sausages in the world – has seen a boom in sales already this year.
Stuart added: “It’s been getting more and more popular, especially over the last few months. That may be due to the time of year and the fact that people are aware of its nutritional benefits.”

Stuart Houston
Stuart Houston


18th May

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