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Strong turnout hopes for bridges meeting

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By Fiona Reid
Annan and Eskdale
Strong turnout hopes for bridges meeting

TOWNSFOLK are being urged to go along to a meeting in Annan next week and hear about progress on the bridges.

Annan – A Tale of Two Bridges will hold their first ever annual general meeting on Wednesday night and are hoping for a good turnout from interested residents.

Group chairman Stuart Thompson said yesterday: “While there have been frustrations and setbacks since Annan’s two footbridges fell, there has also been progress made and lessons learned.

“The group consists of unpaid but committed volunteers who give up their time to work towards replacing our town’s much missed bridges. They have never done this before and have only the experience gained since coming together to further this cause. Whether you can bring a little or a lot of expertise – or no expertise but plenty of enthusiasm – you will be most welcome and a significant help. The group is currently very small in numbers.”

At next week’s meeting there will be the opportunity to become a general member of the group, as well as voting in of the group’s trustees and management committee.

In addition, the group’s new constitution as a SCIO will be formally taken on; and there will be a report on what has been achieved to date and plans going forward, as well as an opportunity to review and discuss the group’s finances.

There will also be an update on the status of the options appraisal study.

The group is collaborating with Dumfries and Galloway Council and have signed a legal contract to that effect.

Mr Thompson said: “The support of the council’s engineering and other departments continue to be fundamental to us. We are extremely grateful to their staff for all their hard work, support and encouragement.

“And, we thank our local council members for securing the funding for the options appraisal. This study is essential to us in determining the best placement of future bridges, the number we can achieve, construction types, consultation with landowners, environmental and other agencies, as well as the public. We cannot move forward without it.”

The AGM takes place in the Corner House Hotel at 7 pm.

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23rd Feb

At long last!

By Fiona Reid | DNG24