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Stowaways found in lorry from region

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By Christie Breen
Dumfries and West
Stowaways found in lorry from region

A HAULAGE firm in Dumfries has revealed that one of its lorries was boarded by a group thought to be illegal immigrants while coming back into the UK this week.

The Hayden Chilled truck was returning from Europe on Tuesday with produce on board when the stowaways were discovered.

The driver heard noises from inside the trailer while travelling on the M25 so pulled over at Potter’s Bar, where he sought assistance from the police.

Officers searched the vehicle and found nine people, believed to be illegal immigrants, inside the trailer.

It is thought they entered by cutting a fine line out of the back door handle, bending back the medal and opening the door with the metal seal intact, before shutting it and bending it back into shape.

A Hertfordshire Constabulary spokesman said: “Police were made aware that a number of people were travelling inside the back of a lorry. The lorry was located and stopped in Potters Bar.

“The individuals were checked over by the ambulance service to ensure their welfare, before being detained.

“The lorry was recovered. Police are liaising with the immigration service as part of ongoing investigations.”

In response to the incident, Hayden Chilled released a statement via social media, saying: “Yesterday we had some illegal immigrants break into one of our trailers in Calais. This truck was on route back in from Europe with half a load of produce on. The alarm was raised to the driver whilst travelling around the M25 as he could hear noise from the trailer. The driver then pulled off the road and sought help from the Police and Border Force.

“We would like to thank Hertfordshire police and Border Force for their fast response and common sense approach to a hazard all European hauliers face daily whilst crossing the channel back to the UK.”

The company also confirmed that their driver was not charged with any offences.