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Storytime snuggles

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By Fiona Reid

BEDTIME stories are an important part of the night-time routine in the Reid household.

The baby gets a few nursery rhymes; number two is five and likes fairytales and classics like The Tiger Who Came To Tea; and the eldest reads her own now, particularly loving Roald Dahl.
I’ve always been a bookworm and was keen to pass down my love of reading to my children.
And it looks like it’s working.
We’ve been reliving my childhood recently after my mum dug out some of my old books from the attic.
Re-reading Tales of Mrs Hedgehog, Wildcat Polly and the Peekaboo Kid, Ragdolly Anna and Heidi sent me off on a trip down memory lane.
As a girl, I was happy to read the same books over and over.
But now I very rarely return to a title – however good it was. Too many books, too little time.
Despite a busy life comprising working and three kids, I always make time for a daily spot of reading before I turn out the lights.
I’ve just discovered Australian author Lianne Moriarty and her page turning books mean I’m reading late into the night, when I really should be sleeping. But, the plots are gripping and I just can’t put them down.
I’ve only got a few chapters to go on the latest one and I’m going to feel bereft when it’s all over. That’s always the sign of a great book.
What are your reading recommendations?


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