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Stolen ponies found

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Dumfries and West
Stolen ponies found

HORSE loving couple Susan and and Kenny Calvert have been re-united with their two little Shetland pony foals, which were stolen at the weekend.

They were taken from a roadside field on the outskirts of Castle Douglas on Friday night and there were fears that they could die if they were not reunited with their mothers.

After a nationwide appeal through Facebook and thousands of shares, their plea for the return of the foals was answered.

The pair were found near Carlisle and taken back to their mothers.

No further details have been given, but a police spokesman said: “Although the foals have now been found, we are still investigating the original theft of the animals.”

The couple from Dalbeattie breed the Shetlands and have more than 50, but this is the first time anything like this has ever happened.

Susan said: “We were desperate to find them and couldn’t understand how anyone could take the little foals away from their mothers?”

Both foals are only six and seven weeks old and they were not eating solid food. The mothers were distressed and making a lot of noise as they looked for them.

She added: “We were absolutely devastated by this and we appealed through Facebook for anyone with information to get in touch with us or the police.”

It is thought the ponies were taken sometime overnight on Friday from the field at the side of the busy A713 Castle Douglas – Ayr road.

Kenny said: “Susan spends all her time with the ponies and is up at four in the morning. We have about 12 foaled this year, but this was devastating.”

Susan was preparing to take them to this year’s Royal Highland Show later this month at Ingliston, where she is a regular exhibitor.

He added: “They are lovely foals and we could have sold them, but decided to keep them. There’s a new class at the show this year for a mother and foal and these are really good ones which we thought we would take.

“The gates are all locked, but what more can you do?

“Whoever stole them must have lifted them over the dyke and got away with them. We were just desperate to get them back.”

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