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Stay at home plea from coronavirus patient

By Euan Maxwell
Stay at home plea from coronavirus patient

A LOCKERBIE woman who has been hospitalised with coronavirus has spoken of her horrendous ordeal and has pleaded for people to stay at home and abide by the government's lockdown rules.

Veronica Mcneish tested positive for Covid-19 nearly two weeks ago after five days of escalating symptoms. The 53-year-old says the symptoms started the previous Saturday when she had severe stomach pains. A persistent cough and a fever followed before she took ill through the night.

Veronica, pictured below, phoned a doctor and was then sent an ambulance to get tested for the virus. She told the Annandale Herald: “I’ve never experienced anything like this before. I was really ill through the night and was escorted to the hospital. At that point I still didn’t believe I had coronavirus, but when I was told on Thursday afternoon that I had tested positive, I was in total disbelief.”

After Veronica – who used to be a bus driver – found out she had contracted the virus, she phoned her family and told friends the news via Facebook. She posted: “I am devastated, confused and in a state of complete shock that I have been confirmed as a positive for Covid-19. “I am not writing this lightly or wanting sympathy, or to be hated either, I just feel that those who have been in contact have a right to know and do what you think is best at this time. All I know at the minute is I’m quite ill. Please stay safe and take this bloody awful illness seriously as believe me you don’t want it.” From that point her condition deteriorated further with constant aches, pains, headaches and roaring temperatures. She added: “It all kicked off big style. I was really ill and I struggled with everything. I’ve been sleeping 36 hours at a time, it completely wiped me out. I have no energy whatsoever. My temperature has been immense, it’s been as high as 39.4c and was that pretty much up to Monday night. It has now stabilised back down to 37c. I’ve had no appetite, I’ve not really ate properly since Thursday night.

“I’m hoping I’m over the worst of it but I thought that last week before it kicked in big style again. “The only thing I’m thankful for is that hopefully I’m just about through it. I’ve had it at probably the best time before the number of people getting it in the region escalates.”

The grandmother has been trying to keep in touch with her close family as much as possible but admits it’s been fairly minimum because she’s been in-and-out of sleep and feeling “lousy”.

Pleading with the public to obey the lockdown rules to try and decrease the virus outbreak, she added: “It’s unreal some people don’t realise the severity of it. My family have now realised how serious this virus is. People are absolutely crazy if they don’t follow the lockdown and self isolation rules. I don’t know where or when I contracted the virus but if I had known how bad it is, I would never have been out of my front door. “I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.”

Since Veronica posted about her condition she has received hundreds of messages wishing her well. She said: “It’s been outstanding, it has kept my spirits high. It’s certainly been humbling to see how many people got in touch. I didn’t know I even knew that many people.”

Now recovering at home, she has praised all the staff at Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary, saying: “The doctors, nurses and all the staff have been brilliant. They are working in an unknown and it seems to be changing all the time. It must be really scary for them.”


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