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Star to visit town

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By Ben Murray
Dumfries and West
Star to visit town
OUR STAR . . . the star is coming to Dumfries to encourage local discussion and reflection on Brexit as its fourth anniversary approaches

DUMFRIES will be visited by the Star of European Unity next week as it arrives on its UK tour.

Set to arrive at the Easterbrook Hall at 11 am on November 18, it will hosted by pro-European group South West Scotland for Europe.

The “Our Star” Campaign is bringing the larger-than-life star through towns and cities across England, Wales and Scotland this autumn, painted with motifs evoking values of peace and unity.

It will serve as a centrepiece for events and public debates encouraging local discussion and reflection on Brexit as its fourth anniversary approaches.

The session in Dumfries will put under the spotlight the impacts of Brexit on the environment, governance, the rural economy and the cultural sphere.

Guests at the event will include Laura Moodie of the Scottish Green Party, author and commentator Gerry Hassan, rural economic development expert Tony Fitzpatrick, and culture sector director Ben Twist.

Attendees are encouraged to pre-register here. For more information, please visit their website.


14th Jun

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Park ‘neglect’ angers MSP

Park ‘neglect’ angers MSP

A LACK of maintenance at Dock Park has infuriated MSP Colin Smyth, who has accused Dumfries and Galloway Council of “utter neglect” of the popular play area.