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Stalking victim in bid to help others

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By Fiona Reid
Dumfries and West
Stalking victim in bid to help others

A FORMER Dumfries woman is hoping to raise £100,000 to help victims of stalking, after her own personal experience.

Aileen Orr, who is a Doonhamer now living in the Borders, this week launched an ambitious crowdfunding appeal.

Her target is to get enough money to purchase 100 security cameras to assist stalking victims and police to identify and gather evidence and to deter stalkers.

Aileen yesterday said: “I am the victim of a stalker who has made my family’s life a misery as well as my own. His obsession goes beyond understanding and until I had cameras fitted did the perpetrator stop cruising around our home.

“Being stalked is horrific, it can consume your daily life and also family, friends and neighbours.

“Legislation on stalking is often limited in that there is often a need for witness statements, as I have found. With a camera, film footage can not only assist the police but deter those who wish us harm.”

She is upset that stalking is still an “ambiguous crime” and pointed out that the legislation is unclear.

However, she is pleased at a new Police Scotland guide, “Reporting Stalking to the Police”, which sets out victims’ rights and gives advice on what do to.

Aileen, who is the author of Wojtek the Bear Polish Hero, added: “It is vitally important, if being stalked, you contact your local police as soon as it starts, reporting it early can make a huge difference to not just quality of life, but early detection.

“I allowed my situation to fester for two years and hope the end of the abuse is near.”

And she has dedicated her efforts to memory of her late husband, Andrew, who fitted their cameras before his death from cancer and covid in February.

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