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Squirrel suggestions

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By Fiona Reid
Squirrel suggestions

EXPERT recommendations have been made on how the region’s red squirrel population can be conserved.

A new report by Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels advises that in 

Dumfries and Galloway, grey squirrels should be controlled by volunteer groups covering the Priority Areas for Red Squirrel Conservation (PARCS) supported by staff and grey squirrel control professionals in areas less accessible to volunteers.

It is one of a set of ‘essential actions’ needed for the iconic species’ long-term future in Scotland.

 In the last five years, a £2.46 million project has been aiming to find sustainable and affordable ways by which to halt the decline, and enable reestablishment in some areas, of Scotland’s red squirrels.

Since 2017 grey squirrel control and monitoring efforts have increased dramatically, including in the south of Scotland where there are 18 volunteer led groups operating.

And full details of the successes of the project are outlined in the new report, which can be read at


08th Dec

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