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Slosh is the way forward

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By Euan Maxwell
Slosh is the way forward

AN INITIATIVE to get people across the community to do more exercise for their health and wellbeing has been launched.

DG Doing More, originated by the region’s physical activity alliance, have started a social media campaign and are appealing for groups and the members of the public to film themselves “doing the Slosh”, a popular dance at Scottish weddings.

The launch started on Monday at Dumfries High Street where a flashmob including volunteers, members of the public, school pupils, council staff, doctors and others started dancing – pictured.

A council spokesman said: “Following the pandemic, many people have been shielding, not meeting others, unable to take part in regular exercise. This campaign is aimed at everyone, to get out and do more.”

“As part of the social media campaign, groups and members of the public are also encouraged to film themselves ‘doing the slosh’ with a change to win some DG Doing More merchandise.

“The first week will also see the launch of the Chalkstacle Course challenge, which is a series of fun chalked activities outside schools and workplaces.”

Dumfries and West, Front

17th May

Crumb-ing out of the ashes!

By Euan Maxwell | DNG24