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Sisters take on rubbish task

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By Newsdesk
Sisters take on rubbish task

A HAND pistol, a syringe and 30 whisky bottles are among the rubbish collected from the road sides around Kettleholm.

Despite the lockdown, regular litter picking has continued in the community but with two new faces at the helm.

Diana and Charlotte Bell Irving have taken over the job from Yda Morgan, who has unfortunately had to pause her Wednesday morning volunteer programme due to the coronavirus situation. But the sisters decided to take on the weekly task as part of their exercise routine. And in just one month they have collected enough litter to fill 15 huge bags, including an ‘endless’ amount of Red Bull cans and lots of black plastic silage wrap.

Diana said: “We were inspired by the sheer volume of litter that Yda’s group collected each Wednesday morning on such a regular basis, as well as the sheer generosity and dedication of the group. We have used it as a Saturday morning exercise workout and have amassed a huge amount of rubbish from the side of the roads – covering only a few miles around the Kettleholm/Dalton area.”