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Silent schoolgirl stays schtum for the apes

By Fiona Reid
Silent schoolgirl stays schtum for the apes

JASMINE Jenkins wants to work with orangutans when she grows up.

But in the meantime the Eskdalemuir schoolgirl has been raising money for and awareness of the magnificent creatures.

The ten-year-old’s passion for the great ape started with a sunflower competition last September.

She won a gift card and used it to buy a toy orangutan . . . and fell in love with the critically endangered species in the process.

Jasmine, who attends Applegarth Primary, then spent some of her Christmas holidays finding out more about them and even put together a Powerpoint presentation of her favourite facts, as well as adopting two orangutans.

She also became aware of the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation and earlier this year decided to do something to help their work.

She said: “I found out lots about them and realised how badly some humans were treating them and their homes. Some things I read made me want to cry.

“Then I read a Tom Gates book and a character in it did a sponsored silence and raised lots of money for charity, so I asked my mum if I could do the same for orangutans.

“I love orangtuans and one day want to work in Borneo at the Borneo Orangtuan Survival Sanctuary.”

Her sponsored silence took place at school and her efforts have raised over £600 for the charity.

Mum Kirsten said: “Anyone who knows Jasmine will know what a challenge this was!

“We are so proud of her, she has now managed to raise over £600!”

All three species of orangutan are critically endangered and a recent study estimated that over 100,000 orangutans have been killed in the past 17 years as their forest home is logged and burned, primarily for the production of palm oil.

To donate to Jasmine’s fundraiser, go to www.justgiving.com/fundraising/jasminejenkins1

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