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Signing off

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By Fiona Reid
Signing off

WHAT does your signature say about you? Have you ever wondered what your scrawl actually gives away about your character and personality?

The team at have shared with Be readers just how much a unique signature can reveal about the writer, their behaviour, values and outlook.

It’s all to do with your style, embellishment, size and content.

Chris Meredith, CEO of, said: “Signatures are entirely unique – just like fingerprints, no two will be the same – and for this reason, they can actually provide a snapshot of the writer’s personality, you just need to know what to look for.

“So, take a look at your own signature in light of this information and perhaps consider tweaking it a little if it seems to reveal too much about you.”

1. Size: If the size of the handwriting in your signature is quite small, or smaller than your usual handwriting, this can indicate towards an introverted, unassuming person, or perhaps a miser with money, emotions or sense of self. But, if your signature is large and audacious, this says that you’re gregarious and outgoing, and it can also represent a sense of high status. If it is larger than the handwriting, the writer may carry a pretence of higher self-esteem than is actually the case. And, medium sized signatures show a balance of sense of value and modesty.

2. First letter: The size of the first letter of a signature offers an insight into what the writer thinks or feels about themselves in relation to the rest of the world. If the first letter is capitalised, this could represent a more pronounced self-esteem, whereas if it is lowercase, then the person is more grounded.

3. Content: Writing your full name in your signature reveals an informal, relaxed approach to life, whereas opting to use initials can reveal conventional, perhaps even old-fashioned values. Writing only the first name out in full indicates that the person has a strong sense of self and may not have deep rooted family values. On the other hand, writing only the last name indicates a strong love of and loyalty to family. Using just the two initials of your first and last name indicates towards an independent, naïve, and kind-hearted person.

4. Direction and slant: A straight signature reveals an even-tempered writer with a balanced approach to life and work, whereas an ascending signature with an upward slant can portray a sense of ambition, creativity, and optimism to the outside world. On the other hand, a descending signature might indicate a weak-willed and pessimistic person, with a lack of vitality – this is someone who lacks self-esteem.

5. Style: A signature with angular connections reveals a hot-tempered and self-assertive person, whereas a curved and smooth signature indicates towards a gentle, yet outgoing person.Highly stylised letters might show the writer as being boastful and insincere – someone who likes to show off and make a statement. On the opposite end of the scale, a straightforward, simple signature is usually a sign of a highly logical person. Signatures that are underlined show that the writer has a need for responsibility and importance – you might be selfish and sensitive. Finishing with a line through presents the writer as self-critical and unhappy, whereas finishing with a dot in indicative of a highly disciplined person.

6. Legibility: Wide spacing between the letters means you are a flexible person, whereas tight signatures with no space between letters reveals a consistent, logical and conservative writer.

7. Placement: Where a writer chooses to place their signature is also revealing. A signature of the left reveals a writer who may be clinging on to the past, whereas a signature on the right shows a forward-thinking attitude. Signatures in the middle shows a need for importance and attention.


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