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Sign aims to slow down traffic on rural road

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By Fiona Reid
Sign aims to slow down traffic on rural road

PLEAS to help slow down traffic at a stretch of road near a Hightae community farm have been answered.

Mossburn Community Farm’s manager Juanita Wilson has been longing for a solution to slow down the fast paced cars on a rural road, often populated with riders.

And the animal lover approached many council officials but never had any joy . . . until recently.

She is now overjoyed that a special sign warning of riders has been erected near Mossburn.

Juanita said: “There are a lot of novice riders around here because we are so close to a livery. “The area is littered with inexperienced riders and the speed that cars come is just frightening.

“In the past my pleas for some kind of signage to be put in place to let drivers know that riders are likely to be near had gone ignored, but when I contacted councillor Graeme Tait something was done very quickly.”

She added: “Whether or not it will make a real difference it’s too soon to tell, but so far a lot of people have commented on the new signs, which means that they are at least being noticed.”

Annandale North Councillor Graeme Tait is pleased that such quick action was taken by the council.

He said: “Hopefully the sign will be successful in alerting drivers to watch out for riders on that road and Juanita’s team and other Hightae residents won’t have to feel so worried any more.”

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