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Shopkeeper voices illegal parking fears

By Abbey Morton
Dumfries and West

ILLEGAL parking in a town centre street could lead to a tragic accident, says one shopkeeper.

Julie Hollis of Cloud 9 Gallery Irish Street in Dumfries is concerned a child, pram, dog or person could easily be knocked over by a car as problems with on-footway parking escalate.
At the weekend a sign positioned close at the front door of the gallery was squashed flat after a vehicle reversed.
And disabled Julie fears it is a matter of time before serious injury is caused.
Speaking this week, Julie said: “I don’t have a problem with people parking all day, as long as they are in proper parking spaces.
“But parking on the pavement and on double yellow lines is just unsafe.
“Maybe they don’t understand that they are causing a problem; I’m just thinking about other people.
“There could be a really tragic accident and I am just trying to stop that.”
Julie explained that her gallery is often visited by people with prams and buggies and when they leave the pram is always the first thing out the door.
Police have been patrolling Irish Street in recent weeks, which is a move welcomed by Julie, and have been issuing tickets to those parked illegally.

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