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Sherki’s heartfelt appeal for home land help

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By Amanda Kennedy
Sherki's heartfelt appeal for home land help

A NEPALESE native living in Moffat is urging everyone to do what they can to raise money for her earthquake hit home land.

Sherki Sherpa, 21, was devastated when news broke of Saturdayís quake, which had a 7.9 magnitude.
She moved to Annandale with her parents and siblings in 2004 but still has many relatives in Nepal.
Sherki said: ìI woke up to the news and there are just no words to describe how it felt.
ìI had no news from my family for two whole days, which felt like a life time. It felt like there was no point
She added: ìIt is so horrible to think that all these places where I have walked, or sat and so many of Nepalís historical venues are gone and will never truly look or be the same ever again.î
Two days after the natural disaster the Sherpas spoke to their family who are safe, but contact has been limited ever since.
Sherki was also relieved to hear her home village of Kharikhola, which she visited three years ago to help upgrade the local school, was undamaged by the event.
The ex-Moffat Academy student explained she has not yet had time to organise any fundraising events and is simply appealing for people to be generous to the cause.
She said: ìTime is really against Nepal. In the past I have held fundraisers but there is no time.î
Sherki is part of a group of ten people called ëBelieversí, who work towards making the world a better place, starting in Nepal.
She is currently collecting money for the group and transferring it to the members volunteering in the most hard hit areas.
It is being used to purchase basic supplies likes tents and sleeping bags.
Sherki said: ìSo many people in Moffat and the community have already given money. They know me and my family and a lot of them have givenmoney for this reason.
ìI am so thankful and so blessed to have such good friends and neighbours.î
To donate money contact Sherki by email on moffatsherpas< moffat, nepal, earthquake

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