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By Fiona Reid

THE Scottish SPCA is urging people in Dumfries and Galloway to share their stories, photos and memories of the charity as it prepares to celebrate its 180th birthday.

Scotland’s animal welfare charity was founded on 18 December 1839 in Edinburgh and since then has grown to champion the wellbeing of animals across the country. Set up with the original goal of aiding overworked horses and ponies in Leith, the society expanded to cover over 50 counties in Scotland by the early 1900s.

It now has nine animal rescue and rehoming centres across the country and a world-leading wildlife hospital in Clackmannanshire. Last year, it rehomed over 5000 domestic pets and successfully released 5642 wild animals back to their natural environment.

CEO Kirsteen Campbell said: “In my short time with the society I know of hundreds of examples of our dedicated people going above and beyond to do all they can for the animals and humans they come across. So, I can only imagine how many fantastic stories must be out there about the people who’ve worn our uniform since we were formed. Over the best part of two centuries, which equates to over 700 dog years, the society has built an incredibly rich history and we can only do our celebrations justice with the input of the Scottish public who have funded our work since day one. As well as those who have had a positive experience with us in the recent past, we are hoping to uncover some long lost tales from descendants of those we’ve touched in decades gone by.”

If you have any interesting anecdotes or memorabilia, get in touch via the website or by emailing [email protected].


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