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Newsagent in bid to break down barriers

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By Fiona Reid
Newsagent in bid to break down barriers

A MUSLIM newsagent is offering to be the voice of his religion in Lockerbie.

Spurred on by the recent terror attack in London, Shabaz Ali, owner of Lockerbie High Street’s Annandale Herald Newsagents, is encouraging locals to learn more about his religion by asking him questions.

He said: “In light of recent and on going events surrounding terrorists attacks,I feel that the main stream media can link any sort of tragedy back to Islam and Muslims.

“All the attention goes on the negative aspects of situation.

“So as a modern British Muslim, who lives and participates in my local community, I want to be a voice for my religion to anybody who wants to know what a real life Muslim life is like.

“Not coming from political biased media but straight from the horses mouth. I will try and answer any question you have regarding my religion and hopefully I can rid some of the prejudices that have been built up by mainstream media over the years.”

He added: “So please — ask me anything and I will find the answers for you through my own life or via scholars that have studied the religion throughout its 600 year existence.”

Shabaz can be found at the Annandale Herald Newsagents.

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